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Northern Territory Chief Minister Elect Terry Mills

Straight Down To Business

Victor P Taffa

Chief Minister elect, Terry Mills, got straight down to business today after last night’s Northern Territory election win.

Mr. Mills’ first engagement was a telephone hook-up with Country Liberals members and candidates to thank them for their efforts over the past few months and to discuss plans for transition to Government.

He then met with Police Commissioner, John McRoberts, to re-enforce the Country Liberals commitment to reducing crime across the Territory.

“The number one pledge in our 100 day plan is to dismantle the Banned Drinker Register and adopt a more focused approach to tackling alcohol fuelled crime and anti-social behaviour.” Mr. Mills said.

“As part of this, I began the process of dismantling the Banned Drinker Register, repealing the relevant legislative instrument and putting in place processes that will prevent the prosecution of bottle shop employees while the law is repealed.”

“I also tasked Commissioner McRoberts to begin the process of getting an additional 120 Police on the front line. He will present me with a number of options over the next few days which will include ongoing recruitment and the better use of existing resources.”

Mr. Mills also met with Chief Minister’s Department CEO Mike Burgess to impress upon him the importance of a strong and engaged public service and to go through the administrative arrangements surrounding the transition to Government.


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