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Acting Victoria Premier Peter Ryan

Ryan Announces $2.2M In New Funding Mildura Airport Redevelopment

Victor P Taffa

The multi-million dollar terminal upgrade at Mildura Airport will now proceed following the announcement of an additional $2.2 Million in funding from the Victorian Coalition Government.

Speaking in Mildura, Acting Premier Peter Ryan said the Coalition Government would increase its contribution towards the project to $5.2 Million to ensure the airport expansion could commence as soon as possible.

“The Coalition pledged $3 Million towards the project during the 2010 election campaign and had originally hoped the Commonwealth would meet the remaining costs.” Mr. Ryan said.

“With no sign of funding from the Commonwealth and given the project’s significance to the region, the Victorian Coalition Government has decided to increase its commitment to ensure the project goes ahead.”

Member for Mildura Peter Crisp welcomed the additional funding and said the improvements to the airport would now proceed without delay.

“The refurbishment will include remodelling the check-in area, redesigning the baggage system and a significantly larger and redesigned floor space that will better support the flow of inbound and outbound passengers moving through the terminal building.” Mr. Crisp said.

The Mildura Airport Terminal Redevelopment Project includes extending the landside face of the passenger terminal, as well as remodelling and refurbishing the internal areas of the airport.”

Mr. Ryan said the additional money for the Mildura Airport redevelopment was from the Coalition Government’s $1 Billion Regional Growth Fund.

“The Regional Growth Fund is the Coalition’s flagship program which is supporting growth and development in regional and rural Victoria.” Mr. Ryan said.

“In addition to funding from the Coalition Government, the Mildura Rural City Council will contribute $1.2 Million for the redevelopment, which is estimated to cost $6.4 Million.”

“The Coalition Government is committed to investing in regional Victoria to create prosperity, more job opportunities, economic and social resilience and a better quality of life.” Mr. Ryan said.


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