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Western Australia Minister for planning John Day

State Government Announces Major Plans For Midland

Victor P Taffa

Initiatives announced today by the State Government will generate new commercial investment and employment outcomes for Midland.

Planning Minister John Day said a decision by State Cabinet this week had strong support from the City of Swan and included:

  • The construction of a Freight Rail Underpass on Lloyd Street as a priority to coincide with the development of the Midland Health Campus, subject to Commonwealth Government agreement on its funding contribution;
  • Transfer of the former Midland Livestock Saleyards to the Midland Redevelopment Authority to clean-up and bring to market.



Speaking at the Swan Chamber of Commerce breakfast today, Mr Day said the provision of the Lloyd Street Underpass provided a critical component of the Road Network Upgrade required to support the creation of the Midland Health Campus, a 335-bed hospital to be completed by 2015.

“Up to 25,000 cars per day will be travelling the Northern end of Lloyd Street by 2011, which means a priority is to grade separate Road and Rail.” the Minister said.

“This is a slow-moving part of the Rail Network where trains can be up to 1.8 kilometres long – resulting in significant delays when trains are passing.”

“This situation would be unacceptable when the new health campus is completed as it could have a very serious impact on those attempting to access emergency services.” Mr. Day said.

Construction of the underpass would require funding from the Commonwealth and State governments and the City of Swan.

The Minister said redevelopment of the Midland Saleyards by the Midland Redevelopment Authority would ensure that this significant land parcel was developed in conjunction with the redevelopment of the former Midland Railway Workshops.

“This will provide a comprehensive development, maximise the overall return to government and facilitate many positive outcomes including integrated road design and layout.” the Minister said.

“The redevelopment of the Midland Saleyards will create new investment land within the heart of Midland and facilitate new commercial development including bulky goods retail outlets and complementary light industrial land uses.”

“Land for these uses is highly sought after in Midland as a growing regional centre servicing Perth’s North-Eastern Corridor.” Mr. Day said.

The Government’s decision provides a positive conclusion to a range of complex issues that have been on the agenda for more than a decade.

“The outcomes demonstrate that by working in partnership across portfolios and with the City of Swan, the Liberal-National Government has been able to find positive solutions that will generate strong construction investment and employment generation for Midland and the broader region.” Mr. Day said.

“It also signals our ongoing commitment to Midland that began with the creation of the Midland Redevelopment Authority by the Court Coalition Government in 1999.” Mr. Day said.


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