MI Fellowship Supports Victoria Coalition Mental Health Announcement

MI Fellowship Supports Victoria Coalition Mental Health Announcement

Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria CEO Elizabeth Crowther

Coalition Lays Down The Gauntlet To Labor On Mental Health

Victor P Taffa

Victoria’s Leading Advocacy and Service Organisation for People with Mental Illness and their families, Mental Illness Fellowship Victoria, welcomes the Coalition’s Mental Health Plan that provides a broad ranging response to the Mental Illness challenges for Victoria, but says still more investment is needed, according to CEO Elizabeth Crowther.

“The Coalition Plan demonstrates understanding of the breadth of issues faced by people with a mental illness and their families.” CEO of the MI Fellowship, Elizabeth Crowther said.

“The Coalition has laid Down the Gauntlet to Labor who now the opportunity to augment their youth has focussed Mental Health Policy with investment in community housing and support and education as detailed in our Call to Action.” Ms. Crowther said.



The MI Fellowship Call to Action that has been sent to political candidates across Victoria offers a range of considered and costed proposals developed in response to membership concerns and designed to focus attention on crucial Mental Illness Issues.

“The Coalition Plan recognises the need to reduce fragmentation between clinical treatment and rehabilitation and recovery in the community to create a more integrated and responsive Mental Health System.”

“The Coalition though offering much the same quantum as announced by Labor over the weekend provides a better balance between capital investment and expansion of service provision.” Ms. Crowther said.

“The 19.3 Million in the plan for community support is the first major stimulus in this area in years and represents a long awaited recognition of community support needs demonstrating understanding of the modern delivery of effective Mental Health Services.”

“We are also pleased to see the Coalition is backing innovative housing and support responses via the private rental market to respond to the needs of people with mental illness and secure step down care beds that address the desperate needs of a small number of people who currently fall between the cracks.” Ms. Crowther said.

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