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Queensland Shadow Minister for Health Mark McArdle

State Labor’s Poor Health Planning Exposed Again

Victor P Taffa

Todays announced expansions at Logan and QE II Hospitals again highlights State Labor’s Poor Planning for health services.

Shadow Minister for Health Mark McArdle said State Labor clearly got it wrong (again) by underestimating demand at Logan and QEII hospitals when it announced $44 Million and $19 Million upgrades to Logan and QEII respectively, prior to the 2009 State Election.

“Today Canberra has come to the rescue with an extra $244 Million.” Mr. McArdle said.

“That’s four times what State Labor reckoned was needed …four times. State Labor got it completely wrong and the Federal Government has had to bail Queensland out once again.”

Mr. McArdle said planning had been particularly farcical at Logan.

“Internal Queensland Health briefings show the State Government initially had plans to expand emergency services at Logan by June 2010, but this was then pushed back to June 2012 due to a bureaucratic bungle.

“Apparently one unit of Queensland Health had earmarked building space for expanded paediatric services while another unit had earmarked the same space for an expansion of adult ED services without either knowing what the other was planning.” Mr. McArdle said.

“We learnt late last year that the Metro South Health Services District (a district containing Logan and QEII) was facing a $90 Million deficit in 2010-11 and Hospitals were under pressure to cut costs.”

“The expansions announced today will not be completed until 2013.”

“Health Minister Wilson needs to detail what’s being done to redress chronic overcrowding between now and then, especially as this year’s (health district) budget has already been blown by $90 Million.” Mr. McArdle said.


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