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Victoria Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources Michael O’Brien

Labor Branch Attacks Brumby Over Smart Meters

Victor P Taffa

The Melton branch of the Australian Labor Party has slammed the Brumby Government’s handling of the smart meter project.

In a letter to Leader Community Newspapers this month Melton ALP branch member Graham Proctor said smart meter costs were ‘far too much’ and the Brumby Government’s policy was ‘short-sighted’.

Mr. Proctor wrote:

“There will not be any cheaper power bills expected from smart meters, any financial gain is simply added to the bottom line of power companies.”  

“The Melton branch of the ALP has already considered the use of smart meters and is opposed to the Government’s short-sighted policy.

“Hitting pensioners and other low-income earners already hit through higher charges adds insult to injury.”

Despite Labor branch members condemning Premier John Brumby’s bungling of the smart meter project, the Premier refused to tell Parliament this week whether or not low-income earners particularly those in regional Victoria were being penalised by the smart meter roll out.

Shadow Minister for Energy and Resources Michael O’Brien said John Brumby had not only stopped listening to ordinary Victorian families that will bear the burden of his smart meter debacle he’d stopped listening to his own branch members.

“John Brumby won’t listen to anyone, including his own branch members. The Melton branch of the ALP decided they had a better chance of getting their message to this arrogant and out-of-touch Premier via the media, given John Brumby has spent $1.3 Million on Media Monitoring.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“This project has become the myki of metering. It is outrageous that families are being asked to pay higher electricity bills for a cost blowout on smart meters they do not have and which do not work as the Government has claimed they would.”

“Since John Brumby won’t even listen to his own party on smart meters, Victorians shouldn’t listen to him when he asks for their vote in November.” Mr. O’Brien said.

“Given Mr. Brumby’s arrogance, the only way to get through to him and his out-of-touch government is through the ballot box.” Mr. O’Brien said.


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