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Western Australia Minister for Mental Health Helen Morton

Call For New Members To The Mental Health Review Board

Victor P Taffa

Mental Health Minister Helen Morton has called for expressions of interest from legal practitioners, community members and psychiatrists for membership to the Mental Health Review Board.

The Board investigates complaints from involuntary patients living in authorised hospitals or who live in the community but must comply with a specified treatment plan as stipulated under the Mental Health Act 1996.

About 25 Members are required and current members are welcome to re-apply.

Mrs. Morton said West Australians with an interest in, and knowledge of, Mental Health issues were welcome to apply.

“The Mental Health Review Board plays an important role in protecting the rights of patients.” Mrs. Morton said.


“The board gives involuntary patients an independent review mechanism and must investigate into any complaint made about failure to recognise patient rights under the Act.”

When conducting a review the board comprises three members a legal practitioner, a psychiatrist and a community member. Sessional members sit between one and four days each month.

Legal Practitioners must have relevant legal experience and be admitted as a legal Practitioner in Western Australia.

Psychiatrists should be a Medical Practitioner on the register of psychiatrists kept by the Medical Board of Western Australia.

Community members are selected from the general public and cannot be either Psychiatrists or Legal Practitioners.

The closing date for expressions of interest is Friday, March 4.

The day when Mental Illness is treated with the same dignity and respect by Society as if the Patient had nothing worse than Broken Arm or Leg will be a major step forward in Australia for all people who suffer from a Mental Illness.

People can see what problem exists with a Broken Arm or Leg and sadly the same does not apply to what is simply a Broken Head.

All Politicians, Police and the entire Medical Profession must understand and fund the solutions and not simply treat those with a Mental Illness as if they were a Criminal.


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