Mental Health Is Not A Game

Mental Health Is Not A Game

Victor P Taffa

The New South Wales Health System is NOT to be used as a Political Weapon by the Labor Party. The New South Wales Health System is meant to make sick Patients get Better. The New South Wales Health System is not meant to make People get Sicker.

The New South Wales Labor Government has engaged in Political Warfare against Victor P Taffa as it seeks to cling to Power in March 2011.

When Victor P Taffa went to Newcastle in May 2009 to support the Save Our Rail Group it was done with the utmost sincerity. Initially there was not the intention to contest the Seat of Newcastle in March 2011.

Obviously as time wore on the usual jokes by the Labor and Liberal Parties that “He’s not serious” required a more concerted effort to STOP Victor P Taffa from contesting the Seat of Newcastle.

The Southern Thunderer was first published on Wednesday 14 October 2009 and the same sorts of jokes have been played out time and again.

The New South Wales Mental Health System is underfunded by a Government who could not give a damn about Mental Health and worse still seeks to use the same System to STOP a Political Opponent from contesting the Seat of Newcastle.

The People of Newcastle have been taken for granted for too long and Victor P Taffa intends to give Novocastrians the representation that they deserve which includes the following:

  • Maintain the Railway into the CBD of Newcastle
  • Support AFL for Premiership Points in Newcastle
  • Support the retention of Retail Giant David Jones in Newcastle CBD
  • Reinstate Railway Level Crossings where appropriate
  • Promote the Hunter Regional Railway Map as contained in
  • Promote the Newcastle Tramway Map as contained in
  • Promote Railway Electrification between Newcastle & Maitland
  • Promote Broadmeadow Railway Stabling Facilities
  • Promote a Railway/Tramway Lottery to fund new Lines
  • Promote the Introduction of Railway Lounge/Restaurant Carriages
  • Promote the Expansion of Railways & Tramways as contained in

The Labor Party shafted Former Newcastle MP Bryce Gaudry and parachuted in the current MP in the vain hope of maintaining credibility.

The Labor Party has used the New South Wales Health System to STOP Victor P Taffa for its own cheap gain.

The Labor Party has NO credit left and only seeks to permanently destroy the life of Victor P Taffa through the Mental Health System.

This Half Baked Kangaroo Court that is called the Mental Health Review Tribunal will be meeting on:

Tuesday 9 November 2010 at Hearing Room 3, Mental Health Review Tribunal Building 40, Digby Road, Gladesville Hospital, Gladesville NSW 2111. (Enter via Punt Road) Commencing at 11.00 am

I kindly ask that any person or friends or colleagues to attend if possible for Moral and Personal Support.

Mental Health Review Tribunal Letter

Mental Health Review Tribunal Letter













The Labor Party should not be allowed to legitimise its existence by stopping Victor P Taffa from going to Victoria to cover the 27 November 2010 Election or campaigning in Newcastle. This also extends to the ability to operate freely in a Democracy as a Qualified Journalist.

The Labor Party should stand condemned forever.