Mental Health Inaction

Mental Health Inaction

Queensland Shadow Minister for Families, Housing & Communities Ted Malone

Labor Not Serious About Mental Health

Victor P Taffa

Holding the ‘first ever Community Mental Health Summit’ today after almost Twenty Years of Government proved this toxic Labor Government was not serious about Mental Health, the State Opposition said today.

“Mental health will affect nearly one in two adult Queenslanders during their life time*.” the Shadow Minister for Families, Housing & Communities, Ted Malone said today.

“For too long the Bligh Labor Government has sat back and ignored the needs of Queensland’s mental health sufferers, their families and carers.”

“Early intervention is needed in order to have a significant impact on Queensland’s mental health issues. Today is twenty years too late.” Mr. Malone said.

“If further proof is needed of Labor’s inaction, it is the fact they have not even completed basic mapping of Queensland’s Mental Health Needs.”

“It takes more than a summit to change attitudes to Mental Health.  It takes leadership and immediate action not a twenty year delay.”

“When one in five people will experience a Mental Health Disorder in any 12 month period*, Premier Bligh needs to cut the Bureaucratic Red Tape and remove the hurdles to allow Queensland’s Community Sector to continue to provide the invaluable service of early intervention.”  Mr. Malone said.

The Western Australia Liberal/National Coalition Government Minister for Mental Health is Graham Jacobs and the newly elected Victoria Liberal/National Coalition Government Minister for Mental Health is Mary Wooldridge.

The New South Wales Labor Government does not have a specific Minister for Mental Health.

* Response Ability Report 2010