Members Of Liquor Commission Announced By Minister

Members Of Liquor Commission Announced By Minister

Northern Territory Attorney-General Natasha Fyles

New Liquor Commission Announced

Victor P Taffa

Northern Territory Government has announced members of its new Liquor Commission.

New Liquor Commission is the first step in sweeping changes to achieve the most significant alcohol reforms in the Territory’s history.

Attorney-General Natasha Fyles said there’s too much alcohol fuelled crime and violence in the Northern Territory and this Liquor Commission is the first step in tackling that.

“We are bringing in a suite of measures to reduce alcohol related harm, in line with the Riley Review into the Territory’s alcohol policy and legislation.

Attorney-General Fyles said re-establishing the Liquor Commission was a key recommendation of the Riley Review.

“Former CLP government scrapped the Liquor Commission, locking Territorians out of a key decision making process relating to liquor licensing in their neighbourhoods.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“We’re restoring trust and transparency by bringing back the Liquor Commission and introducing a new public interest and community impact test that will ensure industry and community needs are considered.”

Attorney-General Fyles today announced prominent legal practitioner Richard Coates as Chair of the new Liquor Commission.

“Acting Judge Richard Coates brings more than 40 years of legal expertise to the position, including experience as the NT Director of Public Prosecutions and CEO of the Department of Justice” Attorney-General Fyles said.

“Having someone of Mr. Coates calibre lead the Territory’s Liquor Commission Membership is a significant win for the government and the Territory.”

“A minimum of 3 members are needed for any sitting of the Liquor Commission, including a Chair or Deputy Chair and two other members, one of which must have health expertise.”

“Available members have been selected from a range of backgrounds reflecting legal, health and industry experience as well as broad community knowledge.” Attorney-General Fyles said.

Term of appointment starts March 1.

Liquor Commission will operate as an independent statutory authority with extensive powers to regulate liquor licensing while the NT Liquor Act is being overhauled.

A detailed response to the Riley Review outlining proposed changes to the liquor Act is expected later this month.


Liquor Commission Membership includes:

  • Chair Mr. Richard Coates
  • Deputy Chair Ms. Jodi Truman
  • Russell Goldflam
  • Rob Parker
  • Kenton Winsley
  • Ross Coburn
  • Lindsay Carmichael
  • Charles Douglas
  • Pauline Reynolds
  • Sandra Cannon
  • Amy Corcoran
  • Blair McFarland
  • Christine Hart


CLP                 Country Liberal Party

NT                   Northern Territory