Melbourne Leaves Sydney Behind With 24 Hour Public Transport

Melbourne Leaves Sydney Behind With 24 Hour Public Transport

Victoria Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan

Public Transport Pulls An All Nighter

Victor P Taffa

Melbourne is gearing up for its second weekend of 24-hour public transport, following the successful launch of the Andrews Government’s Night Network trial.

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan today praised the work of public transport operators after the first weekend of Night Network helped thousands of people enjoy the city for longer.

Initial myki touch on data suggests that almost 10,000 Victorians took advantage of the first weekend of all night public transport.

“Night Network is the biggest advance in late night travel in Melbourne’s history, and places us at the forefront of cities around the world.” Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan said.

“Initial myki touch on data from the first weekend has shown three times as many people used Night Network compared to NightRider services but we want to see even more Victorians taking advantage of this great new service.”

This represents an increase of than 300 % in patronage, compared to NightRider services in October 2015.

Prior to the launch of Night Network, a survey of almost 1,000 people found that 91 % of respondents said they were likely to use Night Network during the 12-month trial.

“I’d encourage everyone get out there and enjoy what Melbourne has to offer at weekends knowing they can take the Night Network home.” Ms. Allan said.

90 % of respondents also reported that affordable late night transport was the biggest benefit of Night Network.

Night Network is a year-long trial which means there is time for the State Government to understand and evaluate what the demand is for all night public transport at weekends, and the impact it has on businesses and residents.

Public Transport Victoria will gather a range of data during the year long trial including patronage, network performance data, and public and business feedback to allow the Government to make an informed decision about the future of the service.

Sydney Public Transport

Sydney used to have 24 Hour Train Operation. During budget cuts of the 1980’s Train operations were cutback and Nightrider Buses were introduced.

The only winners were the Bus and Oil Companies. The losers were Sydney late night commuters. Taxis had to take up the slack that left people waiting around for a Taxi and as a result complaints rose about the lack of Taxis.

At the March 2015 New South Wales State Election Editor Victor P Taffa contested the election supporting the re-introduction of 24 Hour Train Operations. Both the Liberal and Labor Parties laughed at the idea or did not take it seriously. In the meantime the Baird Government illegally cutback the Newcastle Railway Line.

New South Wales needs to re-introduce 24 Hour Train Operations for Sydney, Newcastle and Wollongong. Nightrider Buses would be either scrapped or re-routed to cross country Olympic Park style routes.

In the hours between 1.30 am and 5.00 am all trains would be 4 car sets plus a Restaurant/Lounge Carriage.