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Melbourne Was Planned Whereas Sydney Was Estabished From The Tank Stream 

Victor P Taffa

Sydney developed in an ad hoc fashion from the Tank Stream in 1788 and has struggled ever since.

Governor Lachlan Macquarie who served from 1810-1821 was the first Administrator in New South Wales to actually have some vision, foresight and planning.



Melbourne was founded in 1835 and named by Governor Richard Bourke in 1837 in honour of William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne. Melbourne was declared a City by Queen Victoria in 1847 and became the Capital City of the newly created Colony of Victoria in 1851.

Melbourne experienced a boom during the Gold Rush of the 1850’s and was transformed into one of the world’s largest and wealthiest Cities. In 1901 the Federation of Australia came into being and Melbourne was home to the National Parliament until 1927.

Sydney’s Central Business District attempted to develop a grid pattern of Streets however even in 2011 navigating the City is simply a nightmare.

Melbourne’s Central Business District developed a grid pattern with evenly spaced City blocks and wide boulevards.

Sydney’s Road Network grew in an unplanned fashion. Lane markings have less width than does Melbourne’s Road Network. Some people would say that Sydney’s topography makes for difficult transport planning while Melbourne has a flatter topography.

The two people in New South Wales who had any foresight for Railway and Tramway Planning were John Whitton and John Bradfield.

John Whitton built more than 3,500 km of completed Standard Gauge Railway Lines in New South Wales.

John Bradfield designed and built the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Metropolitan Railways and Tramways. Many of John Bradfield’s Plans have never been finished and some have been revived by Victor P Taffa in

Since 1982 Victor P Taffa has publicly supported Railway Expansion and Improvement in New South Wales and has been ridiculed by all and sundry ever since. The hard copy plans that are on were drawn up in January 2001 and went on-line in February 2009.

Public ridicule of everything that Victor P Taffa says and does and has become the favourite past time of many in New South Wales. Excuses were contrived and every attempt to rile Victor P Taffa by the New South Wales Labor Government and Opposition even lead to incarceration in a Psychiatric Facility in 2003 and 2010. The real reason behind this was support for Railway Expansion in New South Wales.

These very same people also were intent on destroying the RailCorp Network and sacking all Train Drivers and Guards. The only person who stood up to the New South Wales Labor Government against Metro Rail and RailCorp’s demise was Victor P Taffa and for this he has paid a heavy personal price.


Melbourne's Wide Boulevardes

Melbourne’s Wide Boulevardes

















What is more laughable against many people in New South Wales is that when someone such as Victor P Taffa supports some real long-term planning for Transport in Sydney and New South Wales he is ridiculed by corrupt and incompetent people. The saddest indictment on many Politicians is that they simply do not give a damn.

Every weekend in Sydney the Road Network is clogged and the slightest accident turns a short trip into a nightmare. Victor P Taffa has experienced this over the last two weekends.

Not only is Transport Planning in Sydney and New South Wales an afterthought by everyone but supposedly intelligent people such as Former Premier Bob Carr allowed Road Projects to be built that were incapable of handling volumes of traffic before they were even opened. It is also alleged that Premier Carr threw in the bin the hard copy Railway Expansion Plans that Victor P Taffa sent to him in January 2001.

Many people across Sydney support the Railway Plans as contained in and expect that they can be delivered quickly. They would be built over a 30 year timeframe however many people have spent more energy and bile against Victor P Taffa than actually Expanding and Improving the Railways. Sadly too many people are NIMBY’s (Not In My Backyard) and that makes their arguments laughable.

Melbourne has a Tramway Network that was saved from the wrecking ball unlike that of Sydney. The Melbourne Railways as with the Tramways have not expanded with population growth.

In addition to the Transport Commitments announced by the Baillieu Victoria Liberal/National Government at the Election in November 2010 Victor P Taffa has also further Expansion and Improvement Plans for the Railways and Tramways and copies sent to the Victoria Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder.

In a City that was Planned Melbourne has shown unlike Sydney a willingness to look ahead and grow and develop. Victoria Premier Baillieu supports High-Speed Rail between Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane.

Many people continue to believe for whatever reason that someone else than Victor P Taffa is better suited to serve in Parliament or contribute publicly to Railway and Tramway Expansion and Improvement. Unless these people wish to look Victor P Taffa face-to-face and say why he is wrong then these well paid negative people should remain silent.

Working with and for the Baillieu Victoria Liberal/National Government is something that Victor P Taffa looks forward to and move away from the permanent negativity of New South Wales.


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