Melbourne Airport Needs Both Train And Tram Services

Melbourne Airport Needs Both Train And Tram Services

Victoria Shadow Minister for Public Transport David Hodgett

Melbourne Airport Rail Link

Victor P Taffa

Premier Daniel Andrews’ handpicked infrastructure advisors’ recommendation to build the airport rail link shows once again that he never misses an opportunity to play politics with infrastructure, Shadow Minister for Public Transport David Hodgett said.

“If it were not for Daniel Andrews’ politicisation of infrastructure, the planning and construction of this rail link would be well on its way.” Mr. Hodgett said.

“The need for an airport rail link was recognised by the former Liberal Nationals Government and outlined in the 2014 State Budget.”

“Melbourne is growing by over 100,000 people a year; we need to plan for the future and simply cannot afford to have Daniel Andrews keep dropping the ball with Victoria’s future.”

“Instead of looking at more ways to tax motorists, Daniel Andrews should focus on building critical infrastructure ike the Airport Rail Link.” Mr. Hodgett said.


Melbourne Airport Line:

Editor Victor P Taffa has drawn up a proposed railway line to Melbourne Airport by use of existing railway lines and old disused corridors that would save many millions of dollars in construction costs.

Melbourne Airport Railway Station would also have Tram Platforms alongside the Railway Platforms.

Rather than having Terminating Platforms at Melbourne Airport the line would extend to Coolaroo on the Craigieburn Line to enable passengers from the north to access the Airport easily by train.

Rail Services on Platforms at Melbourne Airport can also terminate however there are enormous benefits to connect the new line to the Craigieburn line rather than building Branch Line infrastructure that is restrictive operationally and restrictive for commuters.

In starting services from a re-commissioned Platform 11 at Flinders Street this will allow people in the CBD to access Melbourne Airport easily.

Flinders Street re-commissioned Platform 11 will also be a Terminating Platform for High Speed Rail services to other Capital Cities.

By re-commissioning Platform 11 at Flinders Street this separates passenger traffic to the Airport and High Speed Rail from normal suburban services.


VIC Shadow Minister for Public Transport David Hodgett

VIC Shadow Minister for Public Transport David Hodgett








Planned and existing Railway Stations on the line are as follows:

  • Flinders Street (Re-commission Platform 11)
  • Southern Cross
  • North Melbourne
  • South Kensington
  • Footscray
  • Middle Footscray
  • West Footscray
  • Tottenham
  • Sunshine
  • Albion
  • Sunshine North (On Old Line)
  • Keilor Park (On Old Line)
  • Melbourne Airport
  • West Meadows
  • Attwood
  • Coolaroo
  • Change at Albion for Sunbury Line
  • Change at Coolaroo for Craigieburn Line
  • Melbourne Airport Tram Platforms Alongside Railway Platforms