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Victor P Taffa

Following on from the article published on 27 April 2010 in The Southern Thunderer entitled Medical Update it would appear that the circus that parades as Mental Health in New South Wales continues.

Until I am formally discharged staff from the Ryde Community Mental Team visit twice daily to watch me taking medication including that for HIV.

Editor Victor P Taffa had been advised that a Community Treatment Order (C.T.O) hearing would be set down for Thursday 6 May 2010. Upon following other directions given to myself it appears that the C.T.O. hearing would now be held on Thursday 13 May 2010.

Upon formal discharge a full account of my hospitalisation will be published however there is no doubt in my mind that some people in the community involved in public life are bigoted, racist and homophobic against me personally. Over a period of many years all manner of excuses have been made that are designed to humiliate me and merely masks the real reason for keeping myself out of Parliament.


Women complain about the ‘glass ceiling’ for holding back their advancement and similarly I face the ‘wog ceiling’ for advancement. The same problems arose when I stood for Local Government previously and the issues that I campaigned on can be viewed in Under no circumstance will I apologise for my commitment to upgrading and expanding the New South Wales Railways as contained in

One could accuse myself of having a ‘wild imagination’ however when people take into account what the Labor Party put the former State Members for Newcastle Bryce Gaudry and Arthur Wade and the Carrington Branch of the Labor Party through over the issue of the Newcastle Railway I would simply keep all of these matters in perspective.

Under no circumstance will I apologise for the letter that I wrote to then NSW Police Commissioner Ken Moroney asking if the existing laws relating to illicit drugs would be enforced outside of the Drug Injection Heroin Room at Kings Cross, Sydney. Possibly Commissioner Moroney never saw the letter however I am sure that the letter ‘got under the skin’ of some people.

Mental Illness is a serious matter and the way in which people are treated only serves to worsen the condition. This will be expanded upon once I am formally discharged.


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