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Western Australia Minister for Child Protection Robyn McSweeney

State Budget 2010-11: Almost $28 Million Will Foster Expansion Of Parenting Services

Victor P Taffa

Royalties for Regions will provide $2.8 Million in 2010-11 with a further $24.9 Million over the next three years to establish and expand the State Government’s responsible parenting services in regional areas.

This additional community service support is predicated on the delivery of a State Budget with strong economic foundations.

Child Protection Minister Robyn McSweeney today announced the expansion of vital parenting services currently provided in the Metropolitan Area by the Department of Child Protection to the Murchison and Great Southern regions.




Mrs. McSweeney said the Responsible Parenting Parent Support program helped deal with the difficult issues surrounding young people involved in truanting, anti-social and criminal behaviour.

“Responsible Parenting comprises home visiting services to the most at-risk families with both older children and young babies and toddlers.” the Minister said.

“It is a very important program because it can help families and the Department to work together and prevent children from entering the care system.

“In 2011-12, the $2.8 Million service will be expanded with an additional $3.7 Million for the Pilbara and Goldfields regions, taking the annual allocation of funds to $6.5 Million.” Mrs. McSweeney said.

“The scheme will be further expanded in the Wheatbelt and South-West of Western Australia with $2.9 Million in 2012-13 and it is planned to continue this funding allocation in the following financial year taking the total of new and recurrent funding to almost $28 Million across four years.”

The Minister said the Parental Support and Responsibility Act, 2008 had been proclaimed, enabling a system of responsible parenting agreements and orders to direct parents to take up the service’s support.

“This also means there is a requirement for a service to exist in all areas.” the Minister said.

“Previously, the agreement by parents to attend the service was entirely voluntary.”

Mrs. McSweeney said a recent evaluation of the program had clearly identified the success of the service, particularly in the areas of improved parent-child relationships, increased confidence and the development of parenting skills.


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