McGowan Govt To Amend Liquor Control Act 1988

McGowan Govt To Amend Liquor Control Act 1988

Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan

Western Australia Minister for Tourism and Racing and Gaming Paul Papalia

Next Wave Of Liquor Reforms Underway To Create Jobs

Victor P Taffa

  • Next round of liquor reform to be introduced this year
  • McGowan Government to make sure tourism, community and cultural benefits are strongly considered in liquor licence applications
  • Common sense prevails to allow award-winning Perth distillery to serve whiskey with a non-alcoholic mixer drink

McGowan Government has commenced plans for the next stage of reform of Western Australia’s liquor licensing laws to support innovative local businesses and create jobs for Western Australians.

Premier Mark McGowan and Tourism and Racing and Gaming Minister Paul Papalia today welcomed the Director of Liquor Licensing’s decision to allow the award-winning Whipper Snapper Distillery to sell their whiskey with a non-alcoholic mixer drink, such as soda water or ginger ale.

Whipper Snapper’s application to amend their liquor licence had been held up, due to lack of clarity over the rules around applications to serve mixer drinks.

“Decision to allow Whipper Snapper Distillery to amend their licence represents a shift towards a more common sense approach to liquor licensing in WA.” Minister for Tourism and Racing and Gaming Paul Papalia said.

“Whipper Snapper is an award-winning local establishment that has potential to be a tourist hotspot and create jobs for Western Australians.”

“Team at Whipper Snapper have recently been recognised internationally, taking out the gold medal for Australian corn whiskey at the World Whiskey Awards London and the best in category for international corn whiskey at the American Distilling Institute awards.” Mr. Papalia said.

On March 31, they were informed that their licence had been amended to allow customers the option of ordering a non-alcoholic mixer drink, reflecting the McGowan Government’s fresh approach to liquor licensing. 

McGowan Government will press ahead with further reforms of Western Australia’s liquor laws to create a more vibrant city and new tourism and employment opportunities.

“State Government is getting on with the job of taking the next steps in liquor reform in Western Australia to cut red tape, support exciting local businesses and create jobs.” Premier Mark McGowan said.

WA Minister for Tourism, Racing & Gaming Paul Papalia









Mr. Papalia will introduce new laws that will make it easier for vibrant, sophisticated venues to obtain liquor licences.

Western Australia Government will add a new category to the public interest assessment to allow venues’ tourism, community and cultural benefits to be strongly considered during the liquor licence application or amendment process.

McGowan Government will also give equal weight to representations of tourism and cultural bodies as those of the Police Commissioner and Executive Director of Public Health.

“Liquor reforms that I introduced as Minister transformed Perth’s nightlife and created the vibrant small bar scene we enjoy today.” Premier Mark McGowan said.

“More importantly, it created new jobs in the tourism and hospitality industries.”

Mr. Papalia will introduce the amendments to the Liquor Control Act 1988 into State Parliament before the end of the year.