May Must Resign

May Must Resign

Coalition With Liberal Democrats Best Hope For Tories

Victor P Taffa

Conservative Party Leader Theresa May must resign following her parties disastrous showing in the British General Election.

Depending on who leads the British Conservative Party a coalition agreement with the Liberal Democrats is the best hope for the Conservative Party to hang onto the keys of 10 Downing Street and the Treasury Benches.

Many conservative voters switched to the Liberal Democrats who won 4 seats as the Scottish Nationalist Party lost 21 seats.

Coalition agreement with the Liberal Democrats again is the Conservative Parties best chance of steering the United Kingdom through post European Union choppy chartered waters.

This election result comes on top of Theresa May’s decision to head to an early election that was not due until May 2020.

Clearly the vote by the British people to pull out of the European Union triggered the decision by Theresa May to go to an early election in what was a gamble that failed dismally.

Conservative Party Leader Theresa May became leader and Prime Minister following David Cameron’s resignation on 13 July 2016.

Most recently held General Election was on 9 May 2015.


8 June 2017 House Of Commons Election Results

Party                           New                Old

Conservative               318                  330

Labour                          262                  232

SNP                              35                    56

Lib Dem                      12                    8

DUP                             10                    8

UKIP                            0                      1

Green                           1                      1

Plaid Cymru                4                      3

Sinn Fein                     7                      4

UUP                             0                      2

SDLP                           0                      3

Independents              1                      1

Alliance                        0                      0

Speaker                        1                      1

Total Seats                650                  650



UKIP              UK Independence Party

Lib Dem          Liberal Democrats

SNP                 Scottish Nationalist Party

DUP                Democratic Unionist Party

UUP                Ulster Unionist Party

SDLP              Social Democratic & Labour Party

Prime Minister David Cameron 2010-16








Prime Minister David Cameron

Yet in comparing the 2017 Election result with the 2010 Election result when David Cameron formed a Coalition Government with the Liberal Democrats it is clear that Theresa May must resign as Conservative Party Leader and allow a new leader to form a Coalition with the Liberal Democrats that will provide the United Kingdom with stability.

Following the 2010 Election Conservative Leader David Cameron declared that the “Conservative Party gained more seats than at any in election for the last 80 years.”

At the 2010 Election the Conservative Party won 305 seats, a gain of 112 seats.


6 May 2010 House Of Commons Election Results

Seats                                       Old*                New

Conservative                             193                  305      +112

Labour                                      345                  258      -87

Liberal-Democrat                    63                    57        -6

All Others                                 36                    29        -7

Undeclared                               5**                  1          -4

Total                                     646                  650

*As at Dissolution of the House of Commons 12 April 2010.

**Sinn Fein has not taken their seats and cannot vote.

Exiting from the European Union successfully has many hurdles for a British Prime Minister to jump. Only a new Prime Minister can succeed who will not be laden down with the baggage of calling an early election that went wrong.

British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher 1979-90








Prime Minister Margaret Hilda Roberts Thatcher

In another comparison Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister in 1979 and was confronted with the Falklands War in 1982. In 1983 Margaret Thatcher went to the polls early and fought the election as the leader who defended Britain in the Falklands War and was re-elected with a 144 seat majority.

The 1983 election was held 1 year early and was fought after Margaret Thatcher had won the Falklands war.

In 1990 the only issue that ended Margaret Thatcher’s Prime Ministership was the Poll Tax. Had it not been for the Poll Tax Margaret Thatcher would have continued to serve in office as her successor Conservative Leader John Major won the 1992 General Election.

Theresa May in 2017 went to the polls 3 years early where a vote on exiting the European Union needed time to wait. Theresa May needed time to organise the exit from Europe and achieve success with new trade deals.

Instead all Theresa May has done is to lose Majority Government and political capital.

Theresa May has no other choice but to resign.