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South Australia Opposition Leader Steven Marshall

Automotive Industry Taskforce Must Be Established

Victor P Taffa

Today’s news of 1,200 job losses at Ford Australia reinforces State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall’s call for an Automotive Industry Taskforce to address the challenges facing SA’s car industry.

“This is devastating news for the workers and families involved in Victoria today.” State Liberal Leader Steven Marshall said.

As a matter of urgency, Premier Weatherill must do two things:

1. Adopt and establish the Automotive Industry Taskforce

2. Conduct an audit of local automotive parts suppliers

“Today’s news doesn’t only affect Victorians, but it could also have a major impact on SA’s automotive industry supply chain.” Mr Marshall said.

“We need to understand the reliance from local parts suppliers on supplying Ford and the extent of the impact on these businesses.”

“Premier Weatherill should conduct an urgent audit of all local parts suppliers to determine and understand the potential impact on jobs in SA. This audit must be made public.”

“The real impact will be upon the automotive supply chain Autodom, SMR Automotive and other manufacturers have recently announced job cuts and downturns.” Mr Marshall said.

“The other danger is that a Ford exit leaves only Holden and Toyota manufacturing in Australia. Is that sustainable and what plans does Labor have to secure what remains?”

“Last month I called for an Automotive Industry Taskforce Mr. Weatherill must put politics to one side and adopt this approach.” Mr Marshall said.

“Mr. Weatherill must adopt the Taskforce to ensure that SA maximises the benefits of the advanced manufacturing sector and the motor vehicle industry in particular. The Taskforce would also oversee policy and regulatory requirements that affect SA’s advanced manufacturing industry this urgent action is required now.”

“The State Liberals offer their bipartisan support for sound initiatives designed to secure the future of automotive jobs and investment. This is an important industry for SA.”

“Despite recent massive downturns, manufacturing remains our largest employer and the automotive sector is a crucial component.” Mr Marshall said.


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