Mark Scanlon Appointed As New Chair For Public Trustee Board

Mark Scanlon Appointed As New Chair For Public Trustee Board

Tasmania Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin

New Chair For Public Trustee Board

Victor P Taffa

Attorney-General Vanessa Goodwin has announced that Mr. Mark Scanlon has been appointed as the new Chair of the Public Trustee for a three year term.

Mr. Scanlon has been appointed following an extensive and rigorous recruitment process, and has more than 20 years’ experience in financial and public services including serving as CEO of Tasmanian Perpetual Trustees and as a director of the Motor Accidents Insurance Board.

“I welcome Mr. Scanlon’s appointment and look forward to working with him.” Attorney-General Goodwin said.

The Public Trustee was established in 1912 to provide wills, estates, and trustee services on behalf of the Tasmanian public.

The Board of the Public Trustee is appointed by the Attorney-General and the Treasurer to ensure compliance with statutory requirements, establish strategic direction, monitor performance, and manage risk.

“I would like to thank outgoing Chairperson Craig Stephens, who has been a member of the Public Trustee Board for 12 years, and has been Chair since April 2013. He has made a significant contribution to the Public Trustee over this time.” Attorney-General Goodwin said.