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Victoria Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Minister Acts To Protect The Maribyrnong River

Victor P Taffa

Planning Minister Matthew Guy has today announced the Victorian Coalition Government will act to protect the Maribyrnong River corridor from inappropriate development.

Complementing similar plans for the Yarra River, the Coalition Government will commence work on tight planning controls governing height, river setbacks, sight coverage and vegetation removal which will provide lasting protection to one of Melbourne’s two iconic rivers.

The planning controls will be the strongest ever level of planning policy for the two river corridors put in place by any state government and will be a lasting civic legacy for future generations to enjoy.

“The Maribyrnong River is the greatest natural asset of Melbourne’s western suburbs and it must be protected from inappropriate development.” Mr. Guy said.

“The Coalition Government believes that the state planning system is one of the most important tools to protect the current and future amenity of the Maribyrnong River, and strict controls will be essential to ensure that future growth does not compromise the river nor its banks.”

“The previous Labor Government made all sorts of empty promises for Melbourne’s west, but it is the Coalition Government that is acting to preserve the Maribyrnong’s natural environment for future generations.”

Amendment VC96, to be gazetted on Monday 15 October, will insert the Maribyrnong and Yarra Rivers in the state planning policy framework as the two key inland waterways of Melbourne and afford state recognition and planning protection for them.

“VC96 will recognise the environmental, landscape and cultural values of the Maribyrnong River as well as its aesthetic, open space, recreation and tourism importance.” Mr. Guy said.

“Strategic planning work for implementation by local government will commence shortly and is expected to be finalised by mid 2013.”

“These planning controls complement the Coalition Government’s $3.6 Million announcement earlier this year to clean up the Maribyrnong River.” Mr. Guy said.


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