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Margaret Thatcher Was A Leader For The Times But A Leader Ahead Of Her Time

Victor P Taffa

Baroness Margaret Hilda Roberts Thatcher will go down in history as one of the greatest political leaders of the Twentieth Century.

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was Great Britain’s first and only female Prime Minister who put the Great back into Great Britain after many years of industrial disputation that saw the economy grind to a halt and National Pride in itself decline dramatically.

Her greatest legacy will be the policy of Privatisation whereby the role of Government was minimised and the role of Private Enterprise was maximised.

For Great Britain to survive economically Margaret Thatcher had no choice but to take the course of action that she did in reforming industrial laws. The Trade Union movement in Great Britain had a lot of power that was being used in a very destructive way to the economy.

The Miners Strikes were most destructive to the economy as Great Britain shivered through winter after winter because miners would not mine coal and power cuts were enforced. There were electricity shortages as electricity workers went out on strike. Again during the 1970’s Power Blackouts were common and caused by strike action. Margaret Thatcher took on the miners and won the battle.

 In Australia the same situation occurred and thanks to Margaret Thatcher we do not have the same problems of strike action anymore.

People deserve to have a job to go to and it is all very well and good to take strike action however if this action threatens the survival of a company then no one will end up with any jobs at all. Margaret Thatcher saw what harm was being done to the economy during the years of the Heath Government and was determined to turn the fortunes of Great Britain around.

Australia was no different to Great Britain in the 1970’s as we faced Petrol Strikes, Train Strikes, Garbage Strikes to name a few. Many people today in Sydney would not remember the battle we faced to get to school or work as Editor Victor P Taffa did as time after time the train drivers or guards or signal men went out on strike.

During Petrol Strikes there was Petrol rationing with odd number plates filling up on one day and even number plates filling up on another day.

The ongoing garbage strikes led to the outsourcing of garbage workers in many council areas to private enterprise. Margaret Thatcher’s policy of Privatisation was no more prevalent here than in the collection of council garbage waste services. Great Britain started this and Australia followed. The Garbage Strikes soon ended.

If it wasn’t for Margaret Thatcher Australia would also still have this same recipe for economic disaster. Margaret Thatcher changed her industrial laws and eventually we followed suit.

Margaret Thatcher’s view that the role of Government be as small as possible and not intrusive in the lives of people is something that should not and will not be forgotten.

Margaret Thatcher grew up in Grantham in the top level of her father’s grocery store. Margaret Thatcher learnt from an early age the worth of people and value of everyone. The political philosophy of Margaret Thatcher was grounded in her early years in Grantham through hard work and thrift.

Margaret Thatcher changed the British Conservative Party and also the British Labour Party. The Conservative Party had a series of weak leaders that came and went as Government’s did not last that long. The Labour Party changed because Margaret Thatcher won the hearts and minds of middle class Great Britain who for decades had voted Labour. The Labour Party was forced by Margaret Thatcher to rebrand itself.

Margaret Thatcher had always wanted Great Britain to remain independent from Europe as Great Britain entered the European Economic Community (EEC) on 1 January 1973. Margaret Thatcher was at the forefront of the fight to keep the Pound Sterling against embracing the Euro. Margaret Thatcher’s leadership in this area would prove invaluable in later years as the economy in Europe collapsed.

Margaret Thatcher was a leader for the times but she was ahead of her time. Margaret Thatcher was an inspiring lady who was not for turning.


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