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Mardi Gras: Saturday 27 February 2010

Party Safe this Mardi Gras

New South Wales Ambulance Service

People from around the world will gather in Sydney on Saturday 27 February for the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade – one of the biggest party nights of the year.

An additional 7 Ambulance Paramedic crews, 3 Rapid Responder Paramedics and 1 Motorcycle Paramedic will be positioned at points along the parade route and surrounding areas to respond to medical emergencies. These additional 18 Paramedics will work in conjunction with 7 Supervisors, a Deputy Commander and Commander, and a Police Liaison and Mardi Gras Event Liaison officer.

Last year from 6pm– 7am Ambulance responded to 322 cases in and around the parade area, 145 of these resulted in transport to hospital. Based on last year, we anticipate that many of the cases we will attend will be to spectators fuelled by drugs and or alcohol. To ensure everyone has an enjoyable night and gets home safely we offer the following tips:

  •  Drink alcohol in moderation – alternate with water or soft drink.


  • Never leave your drink unattended – be vigilant of your drink, and those of your companions.


  • Don’t take glass bottles or containers – a large number of calls are to injuries caused by broken glass.


  • If travelling by car, pre-organise a designated driver or travel by public transport.


  • Look out for your friends who may be leaning over balconies or the like to gain a better view.


  • Avoid taking drugs – many illicit drugs are manufactured by “backyard operators” and can contain toxic chemicals. Mixing drugs (with or without alcohol) could be lethal. If you do take drugs Paramedics are there to provide emergency medical assistance. Our priority is patient care.


  • Motorists should be extra cautious due to increased pedestrians throughout the city and towards the Moore Park area.


  • If you find a person unconscious or unresponsive, roll them onto their side, look, listen and feel to see if they are breathing and call Triple Zero (000) immediately and ask for Ambulance.


  • Remain on the line whilst details are obtained. You will need to give directions to your location so look for street signs and major landmarks.


Vital first aid information may be given to you by the Ambulance Call-Taker so you can assist the person in need, while the Ambulance Paramedics are on their way.




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