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Western Australia Minister for Health Kim Hames

Paramedic Numbers To Double In Mandurah

Victor P Taffa

The number of Career Paramedics is set to double in Mandurah under a $1.1 Million State Government investment, Health Minister Kim Hames said today.

Dr. Hames said the staffing increase, from 11 to 22 Career Paramedics, was part of the Government’s record $146 Million commitment to Emergency Health Care in the 2010-11 State Budget.

The Minister said the partnership between the Government and St. John Ambulance would cut Ambulance Response Times in the region.

Dr. Hames said the new Paramedics would be based at the current Mandurah Depot in Coodanup and respond to Mandurah and surrounding suburbs, as well as Perth’s South-West Corridor.


“These new Paramedics will join the Mandurah St. John Ambulance team before the end of the year to improve Frontline Emergency Services in the region.” the Minister said.

“This partnership between the Government and St John Ambulance (WA) will make a big difference to the local community, which has undergone unprecedented growth in recent years making it one of the fastest growing regions in Australia.”

St. John Ambulance Chief Executive Tony Ahern applauded the Government’s commitment to Ambulance Services in Western Australia and was encouraged about the future provision of the service to the Mandurah Community.

“The Mandurah Region currently responds to more than 9,000 ambulance calls a year, which has tripled since 2004-05.  We expect this will only increase as the region continues to grow.” Mr. Ahern said.

“Injecting much-needed additional ambulance resources into Mandurah will ensure response times are improved, pressure is taken off volunteer crews and patient care is second to none.”

The Minister said the $146 Million funding allocated in the 2010-11 Budget would address the 13 recommendations of the 2009 St. John Ambulance Review, which aimed to improve the Ambulance Service.

“WA has one of the best ambulance services in Australia, but there is still work to be done to make it even better.” Dr. Hames said.

“The Government is committed to working alongside St. John’s Ambulance to ensure all West Australians have access to professional, quality services no matter where they live.”

“The extra Paramedics who will work from the Mandurah Depot will help us achieve that quality service.” Dr. Hames said.

Additional new Emergency Resources include:


  • A new temporary St. John Ambulance Station for Ellenbrook in February 2011, to be made permanent within three years;
  • The new Station will be staffed from 7 am to 9 pm every day from February, increasing to 24-hour operation by 2011-12.


  • The current 24-hour Ambulance Service in Serpentine will move from being a partial volunteer service to being fully staffed by career paramedics by May 2011.

Other Metropolitan Initiatives to come from the 2010-11 Budget include funding for 40 communication officers.


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