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Tasmania Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff

Unions Give Up On Giddings’ Push For Majority Labor Government

Victor P Taffa

Major Tasmanian unions have written off Labor Premier Lara Giddings push to win majority government next year*.

The unions have all but ended the Premier’s campaign for a Labor majority and have publicly stated they believe the only way for Labor to stay in power is to do another dangerous and damaging deal with the Greens, Deputy Opposition Leader Jeremy Rockliff said.

“Tasmanians have seen the destruction and devastation that the Labor-Green experiment has done. 10,400 full time jobs have disappeared since Lara Giddings became Premier, frontline services have been brutally slashed, the forestry industry has been effectively shut down, business confidence and investment levels are appalling low and Tasmanians are leaving the State in droves to get jobs on the mainland.” Mr. Rockliff said.

“Tasmania simply cannot afford another four years of this Labor-Green experiment. We need stable, strong majority Government and it’s clear that the Liberals are the only party that can offer that.”

“Our plan for a brighter future will deliver the confidence needed to boost business, bring in investment and create jobs. It’s clear that if we want to change the direction Tasmania is heading in, we need a majority Hodgman Liberal Government.” Mr. Rockliff said.

* Advocate, p.4-5, 10 May 2013


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