Magistrate Jayne Basheer Appointed As Deputy State Coroner

Magistrate Jayne Basheer Appointed As Deputy State Coroner

South Australia Attorney-General John Rau

New Deputy State Coroner To Be Assigned

Victor P Taffa

Chief Magistrate will assign Magistrate Jayne Basheer as Deputy State Coroner, who will work alongside the State Coroner on a number of inquests for up to 18 months.

“Ms. Basheer is a highly experienced Magistrate and I’m confident that she will be of great value to the Coroner’s Court.” Attorney-General John Rau said.

“Clearing the backlog of complex cases currently before the Coroner’s Court is important for the delivery of justice.”

Funding for the position of Deputy State Coroner was announced as part of the 2017/18 State Budget.

Under the Coroners Act 2003, any Magistrate may be made available to assist the State Coroner from time to time. Ms. Basheer will be assigned to this position on a full time basis.

Mr. David White has been appointed as a full time Magistrate from 12 July, filling the vacancy left by Ms. Basheer.


As part of the 2017-18 State Budget, an additional $2.9 Million was provided to the Coroner’s Court over two years, to assist investigations into a number of complex inquests.