Madden Should Stick To Kicking Footballs Instead Of Wrecking Balls

Madden Should Stick To Kicking Footballs Instead Of Wrecking Balls

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Victoria Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Coalition To Save Victoria’s Heritage From Madden’s Wrecking Ball

Victor P Taffa

A Baillieu Government will halt Labor’s Wrecking Ball Approach to Planning by Protecting Melbourne’s Precious Built Heritage and Stopping the Destructive Fire Sale of Public Open Space as part of the Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition’s Planning Blueprint.

“Melbourne’s Built Heritage is at risk from Labor’s Planning Failures and Incompetence.” Coalition Leader Ted Baillieu said today.

“Labor has Manipulated and Mismanaged the Planning System and allowed Sham Consultation to Replace Genuine Public Opinion and Input.” Mr Baillieu said.

“The unique Character of Melbourne’s Suburbs must be preserved and protected before it disappears forever under Labor’s Wrecking Ball.”


“The Coalition will return clarity and certainty to the Planning System by defining where urban change and renewal can occur and where the character of communities should be preserved.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“It is time for the Planning Madness characterised by John Brumby’s Melbourne 2030 and the damage it has done to our city to come to an end.”

The Coalition’s Plan to Protect Our Heritage Includes:

  • Setting up clear boundaries for Major and Principal Activities Areas that do not impact on open space and give long-term protection to existing residential neighbourhoods that fall outside of activities areas so that clear development ‘green areas’ and no-development ‘red areas’ are established;
  • Requiring all councils to complete a Municipal Heritage Strategy to record the built and landscape environment of each municipality, adding another level of protection for communities, better protecting areas and buildings from significant change and complementing existing strict heritage protections;
  • Establishing a state register of significant public land as further protection from future governments selling such land off in secret and protecting open space as population grows.
  • For example, Future Governments would not be able to repeat the scandalous backdoor processes behind the sell-off of Public Land as occurred at Kew Cottages during Labor’s time in Office;
  • Increasing transparency of any Public Land Sale by setting up an open and public process where the relevant Minister must set out the reason for the sale of the land to Parliament before its disposal;
  • Scrapping the Brumby Government’s VC71 clause 16 amendments which allow for high-rise, high-density development along every tram, train, bus or light rail corridor;

Requiring the Planning Minister to give 48 hours notice to any council where the Minister is calling in a development application so that representations to outline municipal concerns can be made.

“The Coalition’s plans for heritage and open space will preserve Melbourne’s liveability and put in place safeguards that provide certainty and reassurance to communities, councils and developers.” Mr. Baillieu said.

“The Coalition will grow Melbourne in a sustainable manner that preserves liveability but we will not allow a fire sale of precious open space.”

“A Coalition Government will also ensure that sales of public land will be put under greater scrutiny through a more transparent process and that councils will be part of the solution to preserving neighbourhood character through a Municipal Heritage Strategy.” Mr. Baillieu said.

VIC Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

VIC Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy










Shadow Planning Minister Matthew Guy said a Coalition Government would also remove Labor’s most destructive Piece of Planning Law Amendment, the VC71 amendments to clause 16 of State Planning Policy.

“The Coalition will not allow Melbourne to be turned into a dysfunctional city like Sydney with high-rise, high-density development along every bus, tram or train route.” Mr Guy said.

“The Coalition supports a clearly-defined approach to planning, not an insensitive one-size-fits-all view of the Metropolitan Area.” Mr. Guy said.