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Victoria Shadow Minister for Planning Matthew Guy

Madden Must Stop Running From A Debate On Planning

Victor P Taffa

Part time Planning Minister Justin Madden must end the excuses and agree to a full debate on Planning Policy in front of the media with the Opposition.

 must all be a part of a public debate between Justin Madden and Matthew Guy.

Despite Labor Party claims that a ‘suitable diary match couldn’t be found’ for Justin Madden to attend a scheduled television or radio debate, Shadow Planning Minister Matthew Guy again issued a challenge to the Minister for a full, Public Debate.

“I will debate Justin Madden on any day, at any location at any time, he just needs to come out of hiding and agree.” Mr. Guy said.



“Justin Madden is big on bravado in the Parliament, but when it comes to facing a debate he goes missing in action.”

“Given that Justin Madden has had taxpayer funded media training, as shown by his leaked media plan, he should feel more confident about his debating skills in front of a TV camera and should accept the Opposition’s Challenge.” Mr. Guy said.

Mr. Guy said that it was typical of the Planning Minister’s style to be big on talk and poor on action.

“Justin Madden likes the fight in the theatre of Parliament, but when it comes to a face to face debate about his own portfolio, he can’t handle the heat.”

“If the Planning Minister was so confident about the success of Melbourne 2030 and the direction of Melbourne @5 Million he would agree to a no holds barred, no nonsense debate in front of the media.”

“The fact that he won’t just show the complete lack of confidence Labor has in its Planning Minister and the lack of faith it has in its own plans.” Mr. Guy said.


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