Longman Federal By-Election 2018 Candidates Announced

Longman Federal By-Election 2018 Candidates Announced

Polling Day Saturday 28 July 2018

Australian Electoral Commission

Longman Voters Have Their Say

Victor P Taffa

Australian Electoral Commission has released a list of duly nominated candidates for the Longman Federal By-Election to be held on Saturday 28 July 2018.

11 Nominated Candidates In Ballot Paper Draw Order

Candidate                                          Party Affiliation Or Independent

RUSSELL, Lloyd Thomas John         Liberal Democrats

SALEAM, Jim                                    Australia First Party

BELL, Gregory                                   Labour DLP

PERKINS, Jackie                               Independent

NOONAN, James                               Science Party

STEPHEN, Matthew                          Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

REECE, John                                      Australian People’s Party

LAMB, Susan                                     Australian Labor Party

RUTHENBERG, Trevor                    Liberal National Party of Queensland

VERRIER, Blair Ann                         Australian Country Party

BEHRENS, Gavin                              The Greens


2016 Federal Election Two Candidate Preferred for Longman (QLD)

Candidate             Party               Votes               Margin           Margin (%)

LAMB, Susan             ALP                44,729             1,390               50.79%

ROY, Wyatt                LNP                43,339             -1,390              49.21%



ACST              Australian Central Standard Time

AEST              Australian Eastern Standard Time

AWST             Australian Western Standard Time

ALP                Australian Labor Party

LIB                 Liberal Party

LNP                Liberal National Party of Queensland

NXT                Nick Xenophon Team

QLD                Queensland

SA                   South Australia

TAS                 Tasmania

WA                 Western Australia