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Queensland Minister for Police Mark Ryan

9 Officers Now Based At Logan’s Newest Police Station

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9 Officers Now Based At Logan’s Newest Police Station

Minister for Police Mark Ryan today joined Commissioner Katarina Carroll, Linus Power MP State Member for Logan and officers for the official opening of the Logan Village Yarrabilba Police Station.

Planning for the project and new Police Station began in late 2016 following feedback from Mr. Power and community members on the population growth in Yarrabilba and the Logan South region and the need for more Police on the local beat.

This new Police Station has been transformed from the previous Logan Village Police Beat which was staffed by 2 Police Officers.

Improved Police Station now houses 9 officers dedicated to the Logan Village Yarrabilba area, including a Sergeant officer-in-charge.

“Facility also has the capabilities for housing additional district resources such as Criminal Investigation Branch officers.” Mr. Power said.

Original Logan Village Beat remained operational until construction for the upgraded Police Station began in May this year.

Upgraded Police Station has been fully operational since August 17.

Police Station will continue to be supported by district and state resources.

Commissioner Carroll said this newly upgraded facility would be a great asset to the Logan community.

“Officers dedicated to this area and based in this facility will now be able to centralise their efforts.” Commissioner Carroll said.

“Our Logan officers need the resources and support best available to them and in a growing area such as this, newly assigned Logan Village and Yarrabilba based general duties officers need to be best placed to service this growing community.”

“Establishing the new station boundaries encompassing Logan Village, Yarrabilba, Canungra, Crestmead, North Tamborine and Beenleigh will see these officers also servicing and responding to the surrounding areas.”

“I wish all the officers newly appointed to this station well in settling in and doing their continued best, dedicated to servicing those within the district.” Commissioner Carroll said.

Minister for Police Mark Ryan said he was happy to see the transformation of the station finalised and ready for the officers.

“It’s amazing to think that we were here just four short months ago, announcing this huge change for the area.” Minister Ryan said.

“I trust that this newly upgraded station will enable officers to continue the high standard and dedicated Policing the district has seen so far.”

“I look forward to seeing the benefits the community here will reap, having officers close by and dedicated to crime and community engagement here in Logan Village and Yarrabilba.” Minister Ryan said.

State Member for Logan Linus Power MP said the upgraded station would make local families safer.

“Having 9 officers based at a fully operational Police station at Logan Village Yarrabilba will reduce response times and help protect the community.”

“I know how fast this area is growing so it was clear we needed these extra resources.” Mr. Power said.

“It’s great to see how quickly the upgrade has been completed and I look forward to working with the new officers.”


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