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Northern Territory Minister for Local Government Gerry McCarthy

Local Government Bill Introduced To Parliament

Victor P Taffa

A Bill introduced to Parliament today will provide greater clarity, detail and accountability for local government councils.

New provisions include:

  • Strengthening of local decision making;
  • Provision for councils and LGANT to better manage council governance issues;
  • Early support for councils experiencing financial administration difficulties;
  • Provision of registers of annual returns of interest, declared conflicts, gifts and benefits for council members and donations made to principal member candidates in elections;
  • Better definition of conflicts of interest;
  • Requirement to include details of CEO salaries and remuneration in annual reports. 

“New Act will work better for Territorians, councils and local authorities by supporting democracy, transparency and financial accountability within the local government sector.” Minister for Local Government Gerry McCarthy said.

“Bill is based on good governance principles. Proposed changes mean there will be increased transparency on local government processes while communities will have more say in the plans and priorities of councils.”

Changes to the current Act will increase involvement from local authorities on budgets, service delivery, funding and cemeteries.

It provides measures to strengthen Local Decision Making by improving working relationships amongst councils, local authorities and communities.


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