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Western Australia Minister for Agriculture and Food Terry Redman

Live Export Ban

Minister Holds Urgent Meeting In Broome To Assess Economic And Employment Impact

Victor P Taffa

Agriculture and Food Minister Terry Redman will fly to Broome this morning to hold an urgent meeting with pastoralists and assess the worsening economic and jobs impact of the Federal Government’s decision to impose a snap blanket ban on the live cattle trade.

Mr. Redman said he also wanted to hear first-hand the concerns that the export ban had actually raised new animal welfare issues with thousands of cattle stranded and serious logistical issues around ensuring feed, water and their general wellbeing.

The Minister reiterated his view that the Federal Government’s decision to snap a blanket ban on live cattle exports to Indonesia had been a knee-jerk response.

“This was a lazy decision. The industry is worth $250 Million to Western Australia and underpins thousands of jobs.” Mr. Redman said.


This decision is yet another knee-jerk haphazard decision by the Rudd/Gillard Government. Whether it is Roof Insulation, School Buildings or Live Cattle Exports it is a sign of a Government who has NO idea what it is doing. This same pathetic Government allowed the Albury Southern Line Mud Base problem to develop and also the same Government who has the audacity to condemn Editor Victor P Taffa that he might ‘muck things up’when it comes to planning new Railway Lines and High-Speed Rail.


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