Lionel Rose Rest In Peace

Lionel Rose Rest In Peace

Victoria Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Jeanette Powell

Lionel Rose: Iconic Aboriginal Sportsman And Inspiration To All

Victor P Taffa

Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Jeanette Powell has described Aboriginal boxing legend Lionel Rose as an inspiration to his community, the boxing fraternity and Australians in general.

“I pay tribute to Lionel Rose and welcome Premier Ted Baillieu’s decision to provide a state Funeral.” Mrs. Powell said.

“Lionel Rose’s pioneering achievements in the boxing ring made him a national icon and a hero for many Aboriginal people.”

“As the first Aborigine to win a world title, Lionel Rose will be forever remembered as one of the true greats in Australia’s sporting history.” Mrs. Powell said.

“Lionel Rose was not just a man of great sporting prowess, he was also a man of great integrity as demonstrated by his decision not to fight in South Africa in 1970 when its political system discriminated against people on the basis of race.”

“Like many Aborigines who reach the top of their profession Lionel Rose did it the hard way.” Mrs. Powell said.

“It’s a tribute to his prodigious skill, determination and dedication that he became a world champion at just 19 years of age.”

“I note respected sports commentators believe Lionel Rose may have been Australia’s most gifted boxer.”

“It is appropriate that the people of Victoria honour Lionel Rose with a state funeral.” Mrs. Powell said.