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South Australia Opposition Leader Isobel Redmond

Redmond Commits Traffic Lights & Runway Upgrade

Victor P Taffa

A Redmond Liberal Government will install traffic lights at the dangerous Wireless Rd. & Penola Rd. intersection and provide financial support to upgrade the Mt. Gambier Airport runway.

Speaking in Mt. Gambier today, Isobel Redmond, Leader of the Opposition said that it is critical for the future growth of the South-East economy and the safety of road users that transport infrastructure is developed.

Isobel Redmond announced:

  • $2 Million to install traffic lights at the Wireless Rd. & Penola Rd. intersection;
  • $1.1 Million contribution as part of the Airport upgrade project

“Following discussions with Steve Perryman, Liberal candidate for Mt. Gambier, it is clear that there is an urgent need for traffic lights at this busy and dangerous intersection.” Ms. Redmond said.


“This section of road is the main entrance to Mt. Gambier from the North and is busy with local, industry and tourist traffic, including many B-Double trucks and Semi Trailers.”

“Earlier this month Shadow Transport Minister David Ridgway announced that a Redmond Liberal Government will commit $12 Million to develop the highway from the Jubilee Highway roundabout to just north of the airport into a dual carriageway.”

“The SA Liberals understand the infrastructure needs of country communities unlike the city-centric Rann Labor Government.”

“Continuing the investment in transport infrastructure, I am pleased to commit $1.1 Million from a Redmond Liberal Government to assist in the upgrade project of the Mt. Gambier Airport runway.” Ms. Redmond said.

“Presently, the South-East is missing out on opportunities to capture a bigger share of the tourism market and develop other commercial opportunities due to the limitations of the Mt. Gambier Airport runway not being able to handle larger aircraft.”

“Critical services such as the Royal Flying Doctor Service and bushfire fighting aircraft must also be confident in their ability to continue to use the airport runway.”

Mr. Perryman said that only a Redmond Liberal government will invest in infrastructure and services that will help Mt. Gambier and the South–East to grow and prosper.

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