Life Expectancy Rates Continues To Increase

Life Expectancy Rates Continues To Increase

Australian Bureau Of Statistics

Life Expectancy Hits A New High

Victor P Taffa

Life expectancy hit a new high in 2015, according to the latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

“Babies born today have the highest estimated life expectancy ever recorded in Australia.” ABS Director of Demography Beidar Cho said.

“Male life expectancy at birth reached 80.4 years in 2015, increasing from 80.3 in 2014. Female life expectancy also increased to 84.5 years in 2015 from 84.4 in the previous year.”

“In 2013-2015, the male and female combined life expectancy at birth estimate for Australia was 82.4 years. This was 11.9 years higher than the world average of 70.5 years in 2010-2015.” Ms. Cho said.

In 2015, the Australian Capital Territory led the way, recording the highest life expectancy for males and females, 81.2 years and 85.3 years respectively.

The Northern Territory recorded the lowest life expectancy of 75.7 years for males and 78.5 years for females.

“For both men and women, Australia has a higher life expectancy than similar countries such as Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA.” Ms. Cho said.