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South Australia Shadow Attorney General Vickie Chapman

McGee Case To Be Reviewed By Commission

Victor P Taffa

South Australia Shadow Attorney-General Vickie Chapman says a Redmond Liberal Government will immediately review all aspects of the Eugene McGee case.

Ms. Chapman says the Liberals have already committed to establishing a Law Reform Commission which would be responsible for providing advice to Government on how to improve the justice system.

“We note Justice Herriman’s verdict which found the McGee brothers not guilty of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.” Ms. Chapman said.


“Justice Herriman applied the current law and I accept there will be public concern that it appears no one has paid the price when a man has lost his life.”

“A Redmond Liberal Government will establish a Law Reform Commission and all elements of this case will be immediately referred to the Commission.”

“We are committed to making our criminal law system the best it can be and ongoing reform is the only way to ensure that.”

“Unlike Mr. Rann and Mr. Atkinson we will not blame the judiciary, lawyers and the police for potential shortcomings in the legal system – we will fix those shortcomings.” Ms. Chapman said.

South Australia is the only state without a Law Reform Commission and a Redmond Liberal Government will amend this.

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