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South Australia Shadow Minister for Education David Pisoni

Rann’s Cruel Behaviour Management Hoax

Victor P Taffa

South Australia Premier Mike Rann’s rushed announcement to address behaviour management issues in our government schools is an underfunded and poorly costed hoax from a Premier who has shown he can’t be trusted on education.

Mike Rann has announced $10.1 Million over four years to build six Better Behaviour Centres however Shadow Education Minister David Pisoni said Mike Rann’s costings did not add up.



“A similar program runs in Western Australia but that government allocates $35,000 per student per year Mike Rann thinks he can do it for $2,500 per student per year.” Mr. Pisoni said.

“Mr. Rann has shown he can’t be trusted on education and today’s announcement is further proof.”

“For eight years the Rann Government under resourced our three existing Behaviour Learning Centres as well ignoring behavioural, educational and social problems associated with high levels of truancy in our schools.”

“On 21 January 2004, 31 August 2006 and 29 January 2007 the Rann Government previously announced initiatives to focus on behaviour in our schools – but today’s announcement is an admission these initiatives have failed.” Mr. Pisoni said.

“Now Mike Rann wants you trust that he can deliver this promise even though he’s failed to address behavioural problems in our schools over the last eight years.”

“A Redmond Liberal Government will deliver increased levels of autonomy to school communities and principals in areas such as behaviour policy, staffing and budget management to improve the ability of schools to deal with their unique issues.”

“We will direct an extra $52 Million to school budgets to focus on Maths, Science and English basics, as well as provide $4 Million for extra SSO support hours and $16 Million to attract skilled teachers to our underperforming and challenging.” Mr. Pisoni said.

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