Liberals Fail To Take Fisher

Liberals Fail To Take Fisher

Fisher State By-Election

Polling Day Saturday 6 December 2014

By-Election Rebuff For Liberal Leader Steven Marshall

Victor P Taffa

The Fisher State By-Election has seen a rebuff for the Liberal Party in a By-Election that it should have won if the Party is to have any hope of winning the 2018 State Election. Following the 15 March 2014 State Election the final makeup of the House Of Assembly was as follows:


                          Seats Held

ALP                                23

LIB                                 22

IND                                 2

Total Seats                47



ALP-Australian Labor Party

LIB-Liberal Party



At the 15 March 2014 State Election the two seats won by Independent Candidates formed a pact and agreed to side with Labor to enable Premier Jay Weatherill to remain as Premier.

The seats of Fisher and Frome were both previously strong Liberal Party electorates. In the case of Frome was held by former Liberal Premier Rob Kerin.

The result in the Fisher State By-Election is clearly a rebuff to Liberal Opposition Leader Steven Marshall who should have capitalised on the many failings of the Weatherill Government and reclaim a seat that should have been a shoo in for the Liberal Party.

While the next State Election is not until 2018, the Fisher State By-Election presented an opportunity to build momentum and put pressure on the Weatherill Government in the House Of Assembly.

Instead while this By-Election outcome is not final it will allow the Weatherill Government the luxury of complacency and continued supremacy in the Parliament. When then Liberal Leader Isobel Redmond took the Liberal Party within a whisker of victory at the 2010 State Election, the Party only had to hold its nerve and Isobel Redmond would have become South Australia’s first female Premier.

However weak kneed and bland members of her Party preferred to force Redmond to resign as they could not swallow the thought of her winning the 2014 State Election. Now following the Fisher By-Election Premier Jay Weatherill will have an unassailable position in the House.

At the 2014 State Election in Fisher Liberal turned Independent Bob Such was re-elected with 59.4% of the two candidate preferred vote against that of the Liberal Candidate Sam Duluk with 40.6%. While Independent Continue Such’s Legacy Candidate Dan Woodyatt secured 22.5% it says that there are fundamental flaws in the performance of the Liberal Party to win back disaffected voters and take back the seat that it previously held. The By-Election was held due to the death of sitting member Bob Such.

As seen in the Victoria State Election last Saturday 29 November 2014, it would seem that the performance of the Prime Minister Tony Abbott is turning people away from voting Liberal.

Many people know that Prime Minister Tony Abbott wants to destroy State Government’s and this is having a negative and deflating impact upon the fortunes of the Liberal Party.

As previously stated in The Southern Thunderer, the best person placed to lead the Liberal Party back to victory in 2018 is Isobel Redmond. The Liberal Party should never have forced her to resign in the first place.