Liberal Party Returns To Office After 16 Years On Opposition Benches

Liberal Party Returns To Office After 16 Years On Opposition Benches

South Australia State Election 2018

Polling Day Saturday 17 March 2018

Liberal Party Wins First Election Since 1997

Victor P Taffa

South Australia’s Liberal Party has returned from the political wilderness in winning the State Election as voters turned their back on Labor and opting for a new Liberal Premier in Steven Marshall.

Labor led by Premier Jay Weatherill lost Government having been in office since 2002.

Voters had enough of Wind Mills and Power Blackouts and lack of consistent electricity supply.

While Labor was not reduced to a Parliamentary rump it is clearly apparent that energy policy has hurt Labor dearly and will hurt other Governments until Coal Fired Power Stations are operating that provides cheap affordable electricity to households and all businesses.

Voters do not want exorbitant power prices and have sent a clear message to the chief architects of this nonsensical Wind Mill thought bubble.

Tramways, Light Rail, Railways, High Speed Rail all needs electricity and wind mills does not provide enough base load power to drive any rail based form of transport.

High Speed Rail is a Capital City-Capital City train operating at 500 km/h that operates in Japan as the Bullet Train.

According to the South Australia Electoral Commission with all seats officially declared the outcome of the election is as follows:

House Of Assembly

Party                           New                Old

Liberal                         25                    22

Labor                           19                    23

Independents              3                      2

Total Seats                 47                    47


Legislative Council

Legislative Council State Summary

Number of Electors: 1,201,775

Last updated 23/04/2018 14:45


First Preference Votes

Count Status: Count Complete

Party                                                               Percentage %            Votes

Stop Population Growth Now                                    1.2%                12,878

The Greens                                                                  5.9%                61,610

Dignity Party Inc                                                        1.9%                20,337

Nick Xenophon’s SA-BEST                                       19.4%              203,364

Liberal Democrats                                                      2.5%                25,956

Advance SA                                                                0.4%                4,227

Animal Justice Party                                                   2.2%                22,822

Liberal Party                                                               32.2%              338,700

Child Protection Party                                                1.5%                15,530

Australian Conservatives (SA)                                   3.5%                36,525

Australian Labor Party                                               28.9%              304,229

Independent Amrik Singh Thandi                              0.3%                3,572

Independent Honest Transparent Accountable           0%                   307

Danig Party of Australia (SA Division)                      0%                   94

Independent Racing means Jobs                                 0.1%                723

Total Formal                                                              95.9%              1,050,874

Total Informal                                                           4.1%                44,497

Total Ballot Papers                                                   100.00%          1,095,371

Results Are Final


Recent Premiers Of South Australia

Premier                      Party               Term Of Office

Steven Marshall          Liberal             17 March 2018-Present

Jay Weatherill             Labor               21 Oct. 2011-17 March 2018

Mike Rann                  Labor               5 March 2002-21 Oct. 2011

Rob Kerin                   Liberal             22 Oct. 2001-5 March 2002

John Olsen                  Liberal             28 Nov. 1996-22 Oct. 2001

Dean Brown                Liberal             14 Dec. 1993-28 Nov. 1996