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Victoria Opposition Leader Matthew Guy

Victoria Shadow Minister for Health Mary Wooldridge

Cutting The Cost Of Parking At Hospitals

Victor P Taffa

A Liberal/Nationals Coalition Government will cut the cost of parking at hospitals saving eligible patients and carers up to $20 a day.

“These are small but significant savings for patients and families who need it most during the toughest times.” Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said.

“Patients and families have enough to worry about without the added stress of how they can afford hundreds of dollars a week on parking.”

Costs of parking at hospitals have also increased, most significantly at Box Hill Hospital where the daily rate has increased from $23 in 2016/17 to $40 presently.

Car parking fees also vary considerably between hospitals. The maximum non-concessional daily rate is:

  • $40 at Box Hill Hospital,
  • $35 at Royal Melbourne and Women’s,
  • $34 at the Royal Children’s,
  • $30 at the Austin and Peter Mac,
  • $29 at St. Vincent’s,
  • $27 at the Alfred,
  • $25 across all Monash Hospitals.

“Under the Andrews Government, patients are avoiding treatment, skipping meals or walking miles because of the cost of hospital parking.” Shadow Minister for Health Mary Wooldridge said.

“A Liberal Nationals Government will ensure fair and consistent concessions state wide in all hospitals.”

That’s why a Liberal/Nationals Coalition Government will fund up to $40 Million to provide for around an extra 125,000 subsidised car parks each year, and includes rolling out a concession eligibility policy and ensuring promotion and publicity of available concessional rates. We will also freeze the maximum daily rate to stop any increases for the next 2 years.

Concession eligibility policy for all Victorian hospitals will include the following:

  • Holders of a Federal Government concession or health care cards, including Pensioners, Disability Support, DVA and Health Care Card;
  • Long term patients, such as patients requiring kidney dialysis and cancer treatment;
  • Frequent patients who are required to visit more often than twice weekly;
  • Capacity for individual consideration of patients not included in the above, but facing financial hardship.

For a patient with kidney failure and on renal dialysis, this policy could save them as much as $1,000 per year.

Currently, there is also not enough information easily and clearly available to assist patients and carers with the costs they can expect.

That’s why a Liberal/Nationals Coalition Government will require hospitals to clearly display at the hospital, in the carpark and on their website: parking fees, concession-parking fees, concession eligibility as well as how and where to apply for concession parking.

VIC Shadow Minister for Health Mary Wooldridge









Cost Of Living Under Premier Daniel Andrews

Recent reports by the Essential Services Commission shows that some Victorians may be paying as much as $1,000 more this year for their electricity or gas.

Add to that the 12 new taxes that Premier Daniel Andrews has already introduced or increased and it’s no wonder most Victorians feel they’re losing control of their personal finances.

“Premier Daniel Andrews has lost control of the cost of living.” Opposition Leader Matthew Guy said.

Victoria State Election will be held on 24 November 2018.


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