Liberal/Nationals Coalition Govt To Offer Car Registration Discount For Red P-Platers

Liberal/Nationals Coalition Govt To Offer Car Registration Discount For Red P-Platers

Victoria Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure David Hodgett

Car Registration Discount For Red P Platers

Victor P Taffa

An elected Liberal/Nationals Coalition Government will offer car registration discount of around $295 for Red P-Platers, Shadow Minister for Roads and Infrastructure David Hodgett said.

Premier Daniel Andrews has lost control of the cost of living and Victorian families are struggling the hardest.

In the last 4 years under Premier Daniel Andrews, Victorians have been slugged with sky-rocketing electricity and gas price hikes as well as 12 new or increased taxes.

Recent reports by the Essential Services Commission shows that some Victorians may be paying as much as $1,000 more this year for their electricity or gas.

Separately, St. Vincent de Paul’s released a report saying that average annual household electricity costs are around $2,300 a year, an increase of approximately $300 from the previous year with major retailers.

A Liberal/Nationals Coalition Government will ease the cost of living squeeze through better economic management and a series of programs to put more money in the pockets of Victorians.

“We have already announced free school books for all secondary students at public schools that will save families around $2,800 a student throughout secondary school.” Shadow Minister Hodgett said.

“We have also announced that Victorian households will save up to $100 a year on their water bills through better management of the water corporations.”

We have announced our policy to use ‘people power’ to deliver cheaper gas and electricity costs for over 900,000 low income earners that could mean annual savings between $250 and $530.

An elected Liberal Nationals Government will also offer a discount car registration of around $295 for a vehicle owned by Red P-Platers.

$295 discount for Red P-Platers is the non-TAC component of registration of car registration. Red P-Platers will effectively only have to pay for the TAC component including compulsory third-party insurance.

For many young Victorians, owning a car is essential when starting in the workforce, taking up a trade or further studies.

Around 50,000 Victorians are issued their Red P-Plate each year. There are typically around 50,000 Victorians on a Red P-Plate at any given time. This initiative is costed at between $31.8 Million and $63.7 Million depending on take-up rates.

“This small but important saving will help young Victorians get back in control of their finances at a time when many are struggling with the costs of life after school.” Shadow Minister Hodgett said.

Victorians can’t afford 4 more years of more Labor taxes that will put even more pressure on household budgets.

Victoria State Election will be held on 24 November 2018.



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