Liberal Campaign Launch Plan Number 5

Liberal Campaign Launch Plan Number 5

Victoria State Election 27 November 2010

40 New Trains For Melbourne Commuters

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Victoria Shadow Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Victor P Taffa


A Victorian Liberal Nationals Coalition Government will buy 40 new Six-Carriage Suburban trains to build a better Public Transport Network for Melbourne families, with a $1.4 Billion long-term commitment.

The Coalition’s Plan will specify as part of the tender process that these new trains will largely be manufactured in Victoria, in contrast to Labor’s Policy of exporting jobs to Europe.

Under the plan, the Coalition will expand Melbourne’s Metropolitan Train Fleet by around 20 % by buying another 40 Suburban Trains during its first and second Terms.

Our plan will relieve pressure on long-suffering commuters who under Premier John Brumby have been jammed in like sardines in cramped, unsafe and unreliable trains.

The Coalition’s Train Plan will move 32,000 more passengers at Peak Hour in safety and comfort and allow for more frequent services on Melbourne’s Suburban Lines.

The Plan will create hundreds of jobs and have huge flow-on benefits for local component suppliers from manufacturing trains in Victoria. Victorian manufacturers and sub-contractors will have a key role in providing these Trains.

The Coalition will start design, development and tendering processes in its first year of Government, with $200 Million in funding to be provided for the first delivery of Trains in 2014.

Features of new trains bought by a Coalition Government will include:

• A Top Speed of at least 115 km/h;

• Advanced Modern design incorporating effective air-conditioning and heating;

• A minimum of three automatically opening and closing doors on each side per carriage to minimise the time taken at station stops;

• Improved suspension to boost Passenger Comfort;

• Complete advanced closed circuit television systems in every carriage;

• Direct video links between each carriage and the train driver;

• Integrated wireless technology to improve the ability of passengers to use mobile devices and access Wi-Fi networks during their trip, with the potential to tap into high-speed broadband.

A Coalition Government will determine seating layouts in the new Trains in discussions with Melbourne’s rail operator to maximise capacity and efficiency while improving Passenger Comfort.


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Victoria Nationals Leader Peter Ryan

Victoria Nationals Leader Peter Ryan