Liberal Campaign Launch Plan Number 2

Liberal Campaign Launch Plan Number 2

Victoria State Election 27 November 2010

Victorian Public Transport Development Authority

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Victoria Shadow Minister for Public Transport Terry Mulder

Victor P Taffa

Victoria badly needs a new, Independent, Statutory Authority to Plan, Co-ordinate and Manage our Public Transport System.

Despite Labor’s many Plans and Announcements, Victoria’s and Melbourne’s Public Transport needs have been poorly planned for and badly financed. Premier John Brumby has not provided the safety, reliability and efficiency that Victorians Deserve.

Trains Do Not Run on Time. Commuters feel unsafe at Stations and on Trains, especially at night. All forms of Public Transport are Overcrowded and Uncoordinated.

Our Public Transport Projects Run Over Budget, Late or Both.

Victorian Families were told by Labor that its new myki Smartcard Ticketing System would make their lives simpler and their travel cheaper. Instead, myki has become an international joke and the most expensive piece of plastic ever produced in Victoria. It has cost Victorians an extra $850 Million above Labor’s original promise, blowing out to $1.35 Billion. Many Commuters refuse to use it.

The Coalition will set up the Victorian Public Transport Development Authority and provide it with $10 Million in Funding over four years to rescue the Victorian Public Transport network from its Shambolic State after 11 Years of Labor.

The Authority will be a single public transport authority to administer Metropolitan Trams, Buses and Trains, Regional Trains and Buses, Replacing Labor’s Current Confusing Structure of Multiple Agencies and Authorities.

The Department of Transport will be retained under the Coalition’s Plan.

Under John Brumby, Buck-Passing and Bureaucratic Red Tape have frustrated Commuters and Prevented Potential Improvements.

The Authority will be tasked with:

• Auditing all Victorian Public Transport Assets and reporting publicly on the value and condition of those assets and the cost of renewing them to bring them up to 21st Century Standards;

• Promoting the Extension of the Public Transport Network, Especially Rail;

• Delivering a Safe, Punctual, Reliable and Clean Public Transport Network;

• Ensuring Services are integrated and priorities for expansion are identified and acted on;

• Analysing service improvement proposals;

• Allocating funding for maintenance and renewals;

• Auditing Works Programs;

• Actively promoting Public Transport to Victorian Families as an alternative to the car.

The Authority will also commence an Engineering Cadetship Program within government, aimed at reducing skills shortages by offering cadetships to Railway Engineers.

This Program will achieve better value for Victorian taxpayers by avoiding inflated costings of Rail Projects which, under Labor, have seen a typical cost per track kilometre of more than $50 Million compared with other states such as Western Australia, which has kept that cost to less than $20 Million.

The Authority will ensure that the provision of rail services keeps pace with the development of new housing estates.

Under John Brumby, rail services have lagged behind the development of new estates by up to 30 years, leaving residents in areas like Rowville and Doncaster stranded and forced to rely on buses and cars.

The Authority will be governed by an independent board including a Chair, a community representative and other members with high-level expertise in the Rail Industry.

The Authority will be the primary liaison point with franchisees and other agencies in the public transport sector, working co-operatively with them to improve the integration of their Functions and Services.

The Victorian Public Transport Development Authority will be independent of Government and will report to Parliament twice a year.

Responsibility for Election Comment

Under the provisions of the relevant Electoral Act responsibility for all election comment is assumed by Editor Victor P Taffa. The Registered office of The Southern Thunderer is at 4/69a Darvall Road, West Ryde NSW 2114.

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu

Victoria Opposition Leader Ted Baillieu