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Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Instability And Leadership Uncertainty Hurting Tasmania’s Economy

Victor P Taffa

The uncertainty and instability caused by this unstable Green-Labor experiment was on show again in Estimates today, with Economic Development Minister David O’Byrne refusing to rule out a leadership challenge, Opposition Leader Will Hodgman said today.

“Tasmania has such a bright economic future, but we can’t achieve our full potential when we have not only Labor and the Greens pulling in opposite directions, but the Premier constantly looking over her shoulder at her own colleagues.”

“In contrast, a majority Hodgman Liberal Government would provide stability, and our Roadmap to Recovery and Growth would stimulate the economy and provide the confidence to attract investors and developers back to Tasmania.” Mr. Hodgman said.


“It was interesting to note that in refusing to rule out a challenge, David O’Byrne used the exact same words today that he used in December before he challenged for the leadership.” Mr. Hodgman said.


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