Lawlessness Is Never Acceptable

Lawlessness Is Never Acceptable

Northern Territory Shadow Minister for Transport Peter Styles

Let He Who Stones The First Cars

Victor P Taffa

The Chief Minister should accept responsibility for the cars damaged by stones and gravel during this morning’s peak hour along the Tiger Brennan Drive Extension.

Shadow Transport Minister, Peter Styles, said the Chief Minister was responsible for the timing of the road opening, so he should accept responsibility for the compensation pay-outs.

“It’s about responsibility and about accepting you have a duty to the community.” Mr. Styles said.

“In typical fashion, Chief Minister Paul Henderson has tried to blame shift onto the construction company. Just for a change from this buck-passing, responsibility dodging Chief Minister, it isn’t a public servant copping the rap.”

“The Chief Minister wanted to put on a show of opening the road in front of Federal Minister, Anthony Albanese, and to get on the night’s television news.” Mr. Styles said.

“The road clearly wasn’t ready to be opened. That’s why vehicle access to the extension was put back several hours after the official launch.”

“I understand a street sweeper was on Tiger Brennan Drive this afternoon clearing up the debris, after the stones had been cast.”

Mr. Styles said the Chief Minister was exhibiting his usual cavalier approach to history and disregard for the facts as he attempted to explain why it has taken his Government so long to build the Tiger Brennan Drive extension.

“The Extension was on the books as far back as 1998 when the Country Liberals were in Government, which makes the Chief Minister’s claim that the road was ‘initiated’ by his Labor Government absurd.” Mr. Styles said.

While Road Improvements are always needed Railway Expansion MUST also receive equal treatment by all Government’s. To simply say that ‘Railway’s Don’t Pay’ is a nonsense because as contained in The Detailed Overview Report in and other Transport related articles in The Southern Thunderer Railways and Tramways CAN pay their way.

As contained in Interstate Trains should arrive at Adelaide Railway Station instead of Keswick and at Darwin instead of Palmerston.

The Operator of The Indian-Pacific and other Long Distance Trains is Great Southern Rail and are based in Adelaide.

Railway Lines require Duplication and Electrification.

While Tramway Extensions in Adelaide are good the partial Single Track Section along North Terrace is absurd. Road Lane markings should work around Tram Lines and not the other way around.

The Adelaide O-Bahn should also revert to a Tramway or Railway as the best Transport Networks in Cities around the World are not disjointed but serve as one.

John Bradfield who came from Queensland to New South Wales was responsible for the design and construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Metropolitan Railways. Many of Bradfield’s Plans are incomplete and have been revived in

What John Bradfield realised is that Branch Line Configuration does not work well for Australian Conditions and is one reason why Metro Rail was rejected in favour of Heavy Rail.

Sydney’s RailCorp Network is highly effective due to the nature of interconnecting lines. Having said that the 4 Sydney Suburban Branch Lines such as the Carlingford, Cronulla, Eastern Suburbs and Richmond Lines have operational capacity restrictions and should extend to other Lines as contained in

Similarly Melbourne’s Tram Network works well for similar reasons. Having said that Melbourne Railways and Tramways need Lines Extensions as the 19th Century model of Branch Line Configuration does not meet the needs of a growing 21st Century Population.

The Rail Ferry To Tasmania will allow for a Financially viable Railway and Tramway Network to develop in Tasmania on Broad Gauge and not Narrow Gauge Track.