Langbroek Announces Draft Animal Protection Regulations

Langbroek Announces Draft Animal Protection Regulations

Queensland Opposition Leader John-Paul Langbroek

Queensland Shadow Minister for Environment Jack Dempsey

Dugong And Turtle Cruelty To Be Outlawed By LNP

Victor P Taffa

New laws to stop unnecessarily cruel hunting practices being used on Dugong and Turtles were proposed by the LNP in Cairns today.

Opposition and LNP Leader John-Paul Langbroek and Shadow Environment Minister Jack Dempsey today released a draft regulation which would make it illegal for anyone exercising traditional hunting rights to wound, mutilate, torture or unnecessarily prolong the death of any animal.

Mr. Langbroek said the draft regulation, if adopted, would close a loophole that had allowed some individuals to abuse the traditional hunting allowances and subject dugong and turtles to prolonged, excruciating deaths.

“My former Shadow Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability Glen Elmes raised this matter in Parliament earlier this year and brought my attention to a graphic YouTube video which showed a turtle being kept alive while its flippers and meat were cut off.” Mr. Langbroek said.

“This video is sickening and raises serious questions about the treatment of these animals by some individuals.”

“This behaviour is not acceptable and new regulations could provide a stronger legal framework to discourage this practice.” Mr. Langbroek said.

Mr. Dempsey said the Bligh Labor Cabinet could adopt the animal cruelty regulations without having to take it before Parliament.

“Keeping a turtle alive while it is cut up or letting a dugong bake to death in the sun is a practice that should be outlawed.” Mr. Dempsey said.

“No-one is calling for a ban on all traditional hunting but we must consider the long-term survival of these species and the treatment of these animals this cruelty is simply not necessary.” Mr. Dempsey said.

The draft regulation will be available to be viewed on Mr. Langbroek’s website – – and feedback can be provided via the website or by emailing Mr. Dempsey at

Mr. Langbroek was accompanied in Cairns today by Mr. Dempsey, Mr. Elmes and newly appointed Shadow Minister for North Queensland Andrew Cripps.


This Regulation applies to and affects acts or omissions made by an Aborigine under Aboriginal tradition, or a Torres Strait Islander under Island custom, and outlines codes of practice to be followed in the taking of any wild animal from the sea or the land.

(1). Any Person Who –

a. wounds, mutilates, tortures, abuses, or terrifies an animal, or unnecessarily prolongs its death; or
b. by way of any net, captures an animal, or in any other way confines an animal in a way that may cause prolonged suffering or pain to the animal; or
c. does or omits to do any act with the result that unreasonable pain   or suffering is caused, or is likely to be caused; or
d. conveys, carries or packs an animal in a manner or position or in circumstances which are is likely to cause the animal pain or suffering; or
e. sells, offers for sale, purchases, or otherwise uses an animal for commercial purposes; or
f. takes an animal other than for immediate consumption, including unnecessary slaughter for non personal use; or abandons a live animal
in a way that may cause it to suffer in any unnecessary way or;
g. uses traditional hunting methods that in any way unnecessarily cause the animal to suffer prolonged pain or suffering;
h. uses TRADITIONAL OR NON-TRADITIONAL hunting methods of a barbaric nature that cause the animal to die slowly or in unreasonable pain
Maximum penalty--- 2000 penalty units ($200,000) and or 2 years imprisonment





QLD Shadow Minister for Environment Jack Dempsey

QLD Shadow Minister for Environment Jack Dempsey