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New South Wales Shadow Treasurer Mike Baird Manly MP

Do You Use The Transit Lane To Escape Sydney’s Chronic Road Congestion?

Victor P Taffa

The NSW Government is planning to scrap the T3 Transit Lane on the Burnt Bridge Creek Deviation approaching the Spit Bridge.

It plans to convert the southbound transit lane to a bus-only lane however it is not adding any additional buses to reduce congestion.

Mike and his fellow Northern Beaches MPs are campaigning for the T3 to be retained. They believe it is an incentive to car pool and scrapping it will not reduce traffic unless significantly more buses are allocated to the Northern Beaches.

Mike will be raising this issue in Parliament when it resumes next month.


Sydney’s road network is at breaking point and the Keneally Government plans to exasperate the situation by maintaining a flawed planning policy that encourages development along existing transport corridors.

The Alice in Wonderland thinking with this approach is that the Government can save money by not building new railway lines. The problem is that existing residents in many suburbs will never have access to a railway line as there would be no need to build new railway lines.

From personal experience I have been a Taxi Driver in Sydney and when passengers complain about the fare meter rising while your cab is stuck in traffic the Taxi Driver has to maintain his/her composure within the narrow confines of a cab and calmly explain to the passenger why Sydney’s traffic moves nowhere.

There is no short term ‘quick fix’ for Sydney’s transport mess because over many decades Government’s have abandoned heavy railway expansion.

Railway expansion must occur and I will continue to promote my website which also contains a funding and construction formulae.


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