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Victoria Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith

Coalition Funds An Extra $1 Million For Landcare

Victor P Taffa

The Victorian Coalition Government has announced $1 Million in funding for on-ground works by Landcare and the start of the public comment phase of its draft plan of support for the iconic community-based movement.

Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith today announced the funding and called for community comment on the draft strategic plan.

“The Government wants to hear from Victorians as part of the development of the Victorian Landcare Program Strategic Plan.” Mr. Smith said.

“In support of grass roots environmental action, this new strategic plan outlines the Government’s program of support for Landcare in Victoria, the Victorian Landcare Program.”


The Victorian Landcare Program delivers services and initiatives such as grants programs, the Landcare magazine, website and other resources.

“I’m also pleased to announce an additional $1 Million for small-scale grants to once again highlight and boost the great on-ground work Landcare does.” Mr. Smith said.

“We have already consulted key Landcare stakeholders about the new strategic plan and now it’s time for the broader community to have a say about the ways Government can best support this great community-based movement.”

“This plan has been developed with input from the Landcare community. To ensure that it is effective, we want to test it with those involved before it is finalised. We want people to tell us if there are any gaps or if further explanation is needed so the Government can make fully informed decisions about the future direction of its Victorian Landcare Program.”

Mr. Smith said the Government recognised the value of Landcare in the community and in achieving outcomes for the natural environment.

“The Government is committed to supporting Landcare groups and networks in doing their important work and the Government’s Victorian Landcare Program is a catalyst for these efforts.”

“This commitment was demonstrated through the Government’s funding of 68 new Landcare facilitator positions that will provide additional support to the great work being done by Landcare throughout Victoria every day.” Mr. Smith said.

The $1 Million will be provided by the Government through Victoria’s 10 Catchment Management Authorities to fund small grants for on-ground works by Landcare groups and networks.


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