Lack Of Direction From Minister

Lack Of Direction From Minister

Tasmania Shadow Minister for Education Michael Ferguson

Thorp Must Come Clean Over EO Appointments

Victor P Taffa

Less than a month before the latest Polytechnic and Academy reforms come into effect, the Department of Education is yet to announce who will replace outgoing Chief Executive Officers Belinda McLennan and Mike Brakey.

“With changes to the legislation passed through Parliament almost two months ago, and the so called ‘evolved model’ finalised almost six months ago, this is just another poor display by Minister for Education, Lin Thorp, and her failing Education Department.” Michael Ferguson Shadow Minister for Education said today.

Despite internal sources indicating that the Education Department has already figured out who will act in the positions, it is clear that the Government won’t have the matter properly resolved in time for the introduction of the changes on January 1.



The incredibly late advertisement (25 November) together with the breathtakingly short period within which applications had to be lodged (3 December) leave the Opposition with an enormous sense of suspicion as to what is going on.

With Ms. Thorp announcing in October that the two CEOs would no longer have a job after the restructure and the new positions not advertised until 25 November, the Minister must come clean over why it took the Government so long to even advertise the position, or were preferred candidates selected for the role even before the announcement of the departure of Ms. McLennan and Mr. Brakey?

“With only 25 days until the reforms come into effect, and staff ready to go on leave, Minister Thorp must also explain what the Government plans to do until the new Executive Officers month before the latest Polytechnic and Academy reforms come into effect, are appointed.” Mr. Ferguson said.

Will they employ people in acting roles and if so how much will it cost the Tasmanian tax payer? Many Tasmanians will simply find it bizarre that the Government did not choose to retain Ms. McLennan and Mr. Brakey for the remaining period of their contracts something that would have cost the Government significantly less.

With the list of unanswered questions and bungled processes growing by the day, this Government, and the clearly incompetent Minister has a lot to answer for.

“This display of tardiness will do nothing to instill confidence within the education community that the Government has learned anything from their failed education experiments, which in the past have gone so wrong.” Mr. Ferguson said.