Labor’s Poor Record

Labor’s Poor Record

Tasmania Opposition Leader Will Hodgman

Judge Labor By Their Record, Not Their Latest Promises

Victor P Taffa

Labor has had 14 years, more than 100 job plans, and 7,000 jobs have been lost since Lara Giddings became Premier, People should judge Labor not by their latest promises, but by their record, Opposition Leader Will Hodgman said.

“Ms. Giddings has spent the last two years destroying jobs, punishing regional communities and crushing future opportunities by systematically dismantling our once-proud forest industry.”

“In contrast, the Liberals have a real plan to give Tasmania a brighter future, by building our pillar industries such as forestry, mining, energy and tourism; creating a job-ready generation by taking High Schools to year 12; and tackling the cost of living by handing back the unfair carbon tax.” Mr. Hodgman said.