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South Australia Shadow Minister for Employment Iain Evans

Labor Expects ‘0’ – That’s Right Zero – Jobs Growth

Victor P Taffa

Labor’s Mid-Year Budget Review released yesterday reveals a revised employment growth forecast of zero nothing!

Labor went to the 2010 election promising 100,000 new jobs.

After 10 years of Labor’s high taxes and economic mismanagement what is their employment growth forecast zero!

“It can only be assumed Labor has given up on their 100,000 jobs target with a forecast for employment growth at zero for the remainder of this financial year.” Shadow Minister for Employment Iain Evans said.

“South Australian businesses, the employment creators, are struggling in South Australia under Labor’s high taxes, WorkCover levies and the worst performing WorkCover Scheme in Australia.”

“South Australia’s record debt of $14 Billion and a record budget deficit of $1.2 Billion continue to hurt employment in South Australia.

“It’s a sobering message to the Year 12 students receiving their results this week that the Government has forecast zero employment growth.”

“Premier Weatherill said that South Australia could afford to lose its AAA credit rating for the sake of jobs. Now South Australia has the worst credit rating in Australia and a zero jobs growth forecast.” Mr. Evans said. 


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